Below are some weekly Transition Year Diaries to give you a flavour of Transition Year in our school.

Maria’s Diary Week 1:

On Tuesday we attended the Transition Year Business trip. We started the trip at Combilift. After receiving high visibility jackets and glasses we went to the cinema room where we got an introduction and met Martin McVicar, CEO of the company. We then split into groups of 10 and got a tour around the factory and also had an opportunity to ask questions. When we left Combilift we headed to Mr. McArdle’s Chicken factory. He discussed leaving teaching to run his own business and how he became interested in the business. When we left the chicken farm we went to Castle Leslie Estate where we got a tour around the castle and learned the history of it. Castle Leslie was definitely my favorite part of the tour. The day concluded with a trip to McDonald’s!

On Wednesday I participated in the GAA Coaching course. This commenced at 10 a.m. We learned some warm-up drills suitable for underage players. After we learned the different aspects of the game from agility, balance, co-ordination to teamwork. We then worked in groups to make a station on running. Finally, we played games in teams.

On Friday our year group travelled to Dublin to do a tour of Croke Park Stadium. We learned about the history of the stadium and we hope that it won’t be our last visit to the pitch!