Teaching and Learning Update

November 2020

The Teaching and Learning Committee met this month again. The meeting was led by Ms Mason. The Special Needs Team delivered an excellent presentation. There was feedback from the Student Council on questioning. There was also a discussion on giving feedback to students. A number of teachers have agreed to meet the Student Council to discuss what they think works in terms of feedback. The ICT committees’ work was also highlighted with teachers agreeing to trial Google Classroom. In Literacy, there was a presentation on the common marking code.

September 2019

The Teaching and Learning Committee met for the first time this year with over 20 teachers involved representing all faculties. The meeting was led by Mr Mulroe. One of the areas the group paid particular attention to was questioning in the classroom.  All faculties are drawing up a concise plan in this area. Some of the teachers agreed to meet the Student Council to get input from students into how questioning can be more effective. There were lots of other areas of discussion including the Wellbeing Improvement Plan, literacy, numeracy, and ICT.

December 2018

The Teaching and Learning Team this month met to discuss the results of DCU’s survey on formative assessment. Also sub-teams were formed on literacy and numeracy to undertake actions in these areas.  In the New Year, the team’s focus will switch towards writing a School Improvement Plan in the area of Wellbeing.

November 2018

The Teaching and Learning team met this month again focussing on formative assessment-this time concentrating on effective questioning techniques and formative feedback. Teachers agreed to trial increased use of ‘lollipop sticks’ and mini whiteboards.

October 2018

Sixteen teachers met after school as part of the Teaching and Learning Team. The discussion focused on formative assessment. Teachers agreed to trial new methodologies with regard to sharing learning intentions and success criteria. Contact was made with Dublin City University so that a survey on formative assessment could be undertaken.