Assessment is ongoing and varied and takes account of every aspect of the students contribution to and progress in T.Y.  

Each individual subject and module is assessed as stated in individual plans but will follow the guidelines for assessment that the T.Y. Co-ordinator has made available to all the staff to ensure that a standardised approach is used for assessment which involves each teacher giving students credits at the certain stages in the year.

In addition to ongoing assessment the students sit house exams at the end of the Christmas term and again in the summer, and a report is issued to all parents. Modules are included on the same report card as their academic subjects.

Students can also gain credits for work experience, eportfolio and  achievement diary please see attached the credits system in use in OLSS. Please note that each year the TY core team will meet with management to discuss the scoring system and amend it where needed.

Please Click on this link to access OLSS TY Credit System