A Healthy Eating Week in Our Lady’s Secondary School, Castleblayney was organised by the Home Economics Department from January 22nd – 26th to support and introduce the Healthy Ireland Initiative to the school community. It was embraced by all members of the school community and was a great success in promoting healthy eating amongst both staff and students.

Each morning many students enjoyed a nutritious breakfast in the kitchen at The Breakfast Club. Breakfast is often regarded as the most important meal of the day, and has been scientifically proven to improve students’ concentration and performance in school. There was an extensive menu to choose from, including scrambled eggs, homemade wheaten bread, porridge, fresh fruit, yoghurt, tea and milk.  There was a great atmosphere in the kitchen as students enjoyed a nourishing breakfast while also catching up with their friends.

Fresh fruit and vegetables were also in plentiful supply for the week, thanks to the generosity of Fyffes Dundalk. Fruit was available at break time, with many opting for these healthier choice as a mid morning snack. Homemade vegetable soup and seeded rolls were also on offer at lunchtimes as a nourishing and warming winter lunch. The power of fruit and vegetables cannot be underestimated as they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre, and this undoubtedly helped the students meet their 7 a day recommendation.

Many First Year students participated in the Healthy Lunchbox Competition with all students displaying a very high standard of nourishing and balanced lunch boxes. Their presentation was also to be commended as they showed all the other students that eating 

healthily doesn’t have to be boring. All students received a Certificate for their participation and effort however several lunchboxes were awarded a prize for their excellent efforts and creativity.

Healthy Eating Week would not have been possible without the generosity of all the sponsors. Thank you to Fyffes/Total Produce Dundalk, for their sponsorship of Fruit and Vegetables. Thank you to Glanbia for sponsoring milk and yogurt, and to Kepak for sponsoring Bread Rolls. Thank you to Muckian Eggs for sponsoring eggs for the Breakfast Club and lastly to Celtic Pure for their sponsorship of water.


Healthy Eating Week 2018

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