The Junior Certificate Examination (commonly referred to simply as the Junior Cert) is a mandatory Irish 2nd level test accredited by the State Examinations Commission. The test is taken in a secondary school student’s third year and not before age 14. A student usually takes between 10 and 11 subjects, including Maths, English, Irish and a foreign language. The exams last for up to two weeks. Students will have ten subjects to be examined on. In February students will also sit a pre-junior cert which gives them an insight in what the junior cert will be like in June.
Subjects that will be tested on the Junior Cert cycle are as follows: Irish, English, Maths, French/German, Science, CSPE, History, Geography

Optional subjects are:

  • Home Economics
  • Music
  •  Business Studies
  • Art
  • Technical Graphics
  • Materials Technology

The students will also take SPHE, information Technology, Physical Education and Religion

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