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CSPE is a common level subject offered over 3 years. CSPE stands for Civic Social Political Education. There are 3 strands covered, 1. Rights and Responsibilities, 2. Global Citizenship, 3. Exploring Democracy.

Current 2nd and 3rd Years follow the old Junior Certificate Syllabus. They complete an Action Project in 2nd year, which is worth 60% of the final grade. They sit a final exam in 3rd Year which is worth 40%.

What is it like for a student to study CSPE at Junior Cycle ?:

Students can engage in a variety of activities during the completion of their Action Projects in 2nd and 3rd year. Classes are organised into groups/ committees and each student is given a particular role. Students might engage in poster design, write up a formal letter, use their public speaking skills, conduct a survey, and invite a guest speaker. Some classes go on a CSPE school tour to visit the Dail, courthouse or visit a recycling centre.

What will the Impact of Junior Cycle Reform be on CSPE framework and assessment ?

CSPE is part of the Wellbeing Programme for current 1st Years. The Action Project and final examination will be altered. Continuous assessment will be used.

Facilitating Special Education Needs :

CSPE is also offered in the Junior Certificate Schools Programme. Students learn about the how they can be active participants in community and society. They focus on personal and human rights. Students also think about democracy in relation to the state and the wider world. There is an emphasis on knowing the name of the Taoiseach, the President, a local TD and a local councillor.

CSPE Action Project Preparation



CSPE Action Project

CSPE is well suited to facilitating all students as it is uniquely offered at Common Level. The majority of the marks for this subject are awarded to the Action Project. 60% of the grade is assigned to the Action Project booklet. This project is recorded during class time and completed around Easter of 3rd year. The project is based on collaboration through group work. It encourages the use of I.T and use of skills learned in other subject areas. The remaining 40% is obtained in the state examination in June of 3rd year.


















Student Council Elections 

The GPA was a hive of activity with the election of the Student Council. Work for the elections began with nominations of potential candidates in the previous weeks. Junior students(1st 2nd and 3rd years) nominated their class candidates during CSPE classes. Nominations were forwarded from each year group and students voted for one male and one female candidate.

Voting in the election is an example of democracy in action and creates a link with work being carried out in CSPE classes. In order to vote students had to ensure their names were on the register of electors. They then received their ballot papers and voted in secret ballot in a polling booth. After votes were cast they were placed the ballot box. Students waited in anticipation for the results which were announced by the principal over the intercom