TY Accounting students take part in the Chartered Accountants of Ireland Bootcamp Programme. This online resource teaches students about the fundamentals of Accounting. The students watch tutorials and then have to complete a number of accounting challenges. 

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Accounting is a very popular choice as a Leaving Certificate Business Subject, it is studied for three years and transition year students get an opportunity to experience a computerised accounting package, this is very beneficial for them in the business world when they leave school.  During the three years they get a very good grounding in all book-keeping principles and  learn to prepare accounts for a number of situations

  • Manufacturing Accounts for a factory situation
  • Departmental Accounts  for a business with more than one dept.
  • Club Accounts for  the treasurer to prepare for a Club situation
  • Farm Accounts
  • Management Accounting for those involved in planning for future production and expansion

What is it like for a student to study Accounting at senior level ?

In Transition Year, students build upon the fundamental book-keeping skills developed during 

Junior Cycle, they gain an appreciation of the theory behind Irish and International Accounting regulations and explore some of history’s most controversial financial scandals. They will meet an accountant from the local area and hear first hand about all the career opportunities available to them. They will learn Financial and Management Accounting skills, offering students a well-rounded learning experience. Students will learn how to prepare accounts for publication and about the role finance plays in all aspects of a business. An understanding of cash flow forecasts help students to develop the transferable skills to effectively budget and manage finance in their personal lives.

Facilitating Students with Special Needs

Students with special needs are catered for using a variety of teaching methodologies. Attempts are made to relate all aspects of study to real world examples. Additionally, the use of alternative methodologies including IT, DVDs, role play, imagery, etc help stimulate reluctant learners. An attempt is made to link class work to student’s hobbies or membership of clubs. More generally, it has been found that if students are taught for ‘understanding’ rather than ‘learning by heart’ the subject becomes less daunting. Most areas of the course requires numeracy skills so special attention is given to those with numeracy difficulties. Paired learning in particular has been found to benefit such students particularly in larger classes, with a stronger and a weaker student being paired together. Gifted students remain particularly motivated during paired work. There is constant communication between the Special Education Needs Co-Coordinator and teachers with regard to students receiving both resource and learning support. To meet the broad continuum of SEN, specific thought has also been given to the needs of Gifted and Talented students. To ensure they do not under achieve it is vital to identify and monitor their progression.

Testimonials from past pupils
Donagh Keenan – Tax consultant, KPMG Ireland

I always knew I wanted to get into the world of business so I picked a strong core of business subjects in school including Business Studies for the Junior Cert and Accounting and Economics for the Leaving Cert. Having subsequently completed an accounting degree and now working in accounting based role, it’s amazing how many times I have reverted back to the fundamental accounting concepts I learned in school to help me understand even the most complex of transactions. We also used to have some interesting debates and conversations in our business and economic classes around topical business issues which we all used to enjoy. This was during a period when the economy was going through a turbulent time and from a learning point of view, this was an interesting time to study these subjects. I found this helped me have a commercial awareness, in addition to the technical knowledge we learned, that has been beneficial in college and in work and it is something that many of my classmates in college did not have. Overall, there’s no doubt that the grounding I received in the business subjects I studied in school is something which has really stood to me to date and will continue to stand to me going forward.

Chartered Accountant gives presentation for Accounting students

Chartered accountant Orla McGahon visited our school on Monday November 28th to speak to our Accounting students.  She gave a very interesting presentation telling the students about her role as a chartered accountant, details of her experiences working for RTE and BP among others.  She explained what is involved in her role as a Forensic Accountant which she was very enthusiastic about.  She also highlighted the different paths available to students wishing to follow accounting as a career, including the new accounting apprenticeship available in conjunction with Monaghan ETB from Septermber 2016. 

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