Alana Mc Nally and Sinéad Curren represented OLSS in the Business Studies RTÉ Learn Project. The website was launched officially at The Department of Education and Skills in Dublin. The students and their teacher Ms S Brady also took part in a live webinar where they discussed their learning experiences with over 500 educators from around Ireland.

Student Enterprise Programme

Sean Kerley, a 1st Year student came in the Student Enterprise National Finals. He entered the My Entrepreneurial Journey Category where he had to imagine himself as an entrepreneur at a future stage of his life and tell the story of his fictitious business, highlighting what he learned along the way.

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Business Studies helps you to make more informed decisions in the everyday business of living. It gives you a better understanding of the world of work. It encourages you to think about how and why people start up in business and why you too might also consider starting a business.

Some of the things you will learn include:

  • good communication skills such as letter writing and report writing
  • how to collect, organise, and record financial information for yourself, your family, for clubs you may be a member of, and for businesses you may be employed with in the future
  • what your rights and responsibilities are as a consumer (someone who buys or uses goods and services – that’s you!)
  • how to calculate your wages when you start working (including the minimum wage)
  • about why our membership of the European Union is so important to our economy.

What is it like for a student to study Business at Junior Cycle ?:

The dynamic and energetic world of Business Studies is brought to life in the classroom through a new course, emphasising active participation and involvement with rich activities grounded in contemporary contexts.

Business Studies sets the foundation for lifelong financial literacy and ignites an interest in learning about the business world and the economy and how they impact on our daily lives.

Over the course of three years, students will study three strands, all of which are connected, including;

  • “Personal Finance” focuses on students making informed decisions to effectively and responsibly manage their financial resources.
  • “Enterprise” encourages students to identify opportunities and develops an understanding of the financial, marketing and operational functions of an organisation.
  • “Our Economy” enables students to understand the dynamic relationship between the local, national and international economic situation.


What will the Impact of Junior Cycle Reform be on Business as a subject , its  framework and assessment?:

The new and exciting course will also be offering new methods of assessment, with students no longer reliant on a single exam. Student progress and learning will now be tracked through classroom based assessments, an assessment task and a single common level exam at the end of 3rd Year. This refined approach will offer students a more varied approach to assessment, while encouraging them to become active participants in their learning.


Facilitating Special Education Needs 

Pupils with special needs are catered for using a variety of teaching methodologies. During lessons there is a conscious effort made to cater for the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles. Active teaching and learning is primarily used to differentiate in the classroom. Active learning involves students directly and engages them in the learning process.

Group/pair work, debating, guided discussion and discovery, are among some of the active teaching and learning methodologies that we incorporate into classroom practice. Students are involved in oral presentation when discussing consumer problems, debating current economic issues and during role play activities.

Adopting this approach puts the focus on the learner and learning, it increases information retention and students are given opportunities to develop their communication and teamwork skills. Group work allows students with learning difficulties to benefit from peer learning. This approach can really motivate students and thus, contribute enormously to their learning.

Some areas of the course require numeracy skills so special attention is given to those with numeracy difficulties. There is constant communication between the Special Education Needs Co-Coordinator and teachers with regard to students receiving both resource and learning support. To meet the broad continuum of SEN, specific thought has also been given to the needs of Gifted and Talented students. To ensure they do not under achieve it is vital to identify and monitor their progression.


Recent events involving Business Students:

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Excellence in Junior Cert Business Studies Awards for Our Lady’s students