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“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” – Albert Einstein

The Maths Department of Our Lady’s Secondary School, Castleblayney aims to help students develop their mathematical skills, whilst encouraging them to become independent learners with greater confidence in their mathematical abilities. Through a programme that emphasises the beauty and fun of mathematics we provide the setting and support for students to develop a 

required understanding and appreciation of mathematics as a creative discipline. Incorporating practical applications and cross-curricular projects students learn to enjoy mathematics and be enthusiastic in its pursuit.

We strive for pupils will be able to deal with mathematical equations and problems at whichever level is best suited to them along with them having a comprehensive knowledge of the syllabus which is relevant to them. Ultimately pupils will be prepared for state examinations.


What is it like for a student to study Maths at Junior Cycle? :

We have fully embraced Project Maths Syllabus and we eagerly promote the relevance of Maths in everyday life. We look forward to continuing this hard work with the new Junior Cycle. We are aware of the necessity to provide our students with the basic maths tools to be active problem solvers and to be equipped with dealing with maths in their lives around them. Students will be actively engaged in different activities that bring maths to life in the classroom. This will not only help students’ understanding but these activities will improve students’ problem solving skills, communication skills, reasoning skills, team work skills, analysing skills etc.

What is it like for a student to study Maths at Senior Cycle?:

Students are encouraged to develop problem solving skills throughout all topics on the course and therefore this is not treated as a topic in isolation. Students will be given different techniques that may be used to help them solve problems. It is envisaged that in developing their problem solving skills that students will be able to explore patterns and formulate conjectures while explaining their findings. An important aspect for students is to be able to  communicate mathematics verbally and in written form to allow them to devise, select and use appropriate mathematical models, formulae or techniques to process information and to draw relevant conclusions as preparation for the leaving certificate.

Exploring Maths concepts with Special Education Needs Students
Exploring Maths concepts with Special Education Needs Students

Facilitating Special Education Needs within Maths: 

The JCSP maths programme is not an alternative to the junior cert but rather a support framework. The aim of this programme is to equip students with the skills to complete the JCSP maths statements and work towards the junior cert maths exam. This programme aims to help students meet their individual potential

In Our Lady’s Secondary School we aim to create small class groups in all years to facilitate greater teacher contact time for students who can find the subject challenging. Within these classes we also incorporate team teaching and group work amongst students. We recently introduced our Maths Games Initiative which encourages active learning within the classroom.

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