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Irish is a compulsory subject taught throughout Our Lady’s at both Junior and Senior levels. It builds upon the language skills developed during primary education. The learner’s vocabulary is both reinforced and enriched at this stage and the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are further developed. In addition the learner’s linguistic and cultural awareness are expanded over the three years of junior cycle.

What is it like for a student to study Irish at Junior Cycle?:

Labhair Gaeilge Liom Inniu

There is currently one Irish syllabus at Junior Cycle, and a candidate may take the examination at one of three levels i.e. Foundation Level, Ordinary Level or Higher Level. An optional school-based oral examination worth 40% of the overall marks is offered at all three levels. Literary works, chosen by the school and based on certain criteria must be studied at higher level only, but the study of appropriate literary works in order to promote language development is also encouraged at the two other levels.


What will the Impact of Junior Cycle Reform be on the subject of Irish and its framework and assessment?:

The new Junior Cycle syllabus is in place with our current First Years. The assessment for the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) will comprise of two Classroom-Based Assessments; Language portfolio and Communication Task; an Assessment Task and a final examination,


What is it like for a student to study Irish at Senior Cycle ?:

Irish Stand on Open Night

Leaving Certificate Irish builds upon the language developed during Junior Cycle. All four language skills are further developed in order to enable the learner take an active part in the bilingual society in which we live in today in Ireland. The learner is encouraged to develop and share her/his views on a range of topics. The learner is also prepared during Senior Cycle for further study in or through Irish.

Irish is assessed at three levels i.e. Foundation Level, Ordinary Level or Higher Level. The learner’s oral competency is assessed around Easter of the final year, in an oral examination worth 40%, at each level, of the overall mark, and the other three skills are assessed in June. Aspects of literary works must be studied at Ordinary Level while at Higher Level these same works and additional material must be studied in greater detail.

Leaving Cert Applied students are offered “Communicative Irish”. The aim of this programme is to offer a fresh approach to the learning of Irish for students. The focus is on our identity with Irish, that it belongs to everyone, and everyone has the right to study it. A change of emphasis on key communicative skills is offered in the LCA programme.


An Ghaelbhratach 2018

This year, Our Lady’s is in the process of achieveing it’s first Gaelbhratach (Irish flag), awarded by Conradh na Gaeilge. A Gaelchoiste has convened to promote the increased use of Irish around the school amongst students and staff alike. Meetings are organised regularly where exciting events are planned. The Committee is elected Chairperson, Secretary and Representatives from the various classes. So far, the school has participated in many activities, such as Comhrá 24, Gaeilge 24, and Feachtas Tráth na gCeist. Many events have been organized for Seachtain na Gaeilge.

“The Irish Faculty in Our Lady’s is superb. I had a really enjoyable experience with the language as a student. The teachers are very helpful and kind. Extra-curricular activities are organised throughout the year like quizzes and shows.” 

Tate Donnelly – Iar-dhalta

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Extra Curricular Initiatives – Academic Year 2018-19


Singing their hearts out in Our Lady’s…as Gaeilge


‘Gaeilge 24′, Irish for 24 hours, in Our Lady’s Castleblayney


Record-breaking in Our Lady’s

Irish Initiative at Our Lady’s – An Gaelbhratach

Extra Curricular Initiatives – Academic Year 2017-18

‘Gaeilge 24′, Irish for 24 hours, in Our Lady’s Castleblayney

Our Lady’s qualify for All –Ireland finals in Feachtas Tráth na gCeist

Feachtas National Final Tráth na gCeist