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Here in Our Lady’s, Geography plays a key role in the development of our students. For us Geography is the study of people and how they interact with their world. It helps students to develop an understanding of the physical, social and economic processes which shape the environment which we live in. Young people today are living in an ever increasing multi-culturally society where there are vast inequalities (both socially and economically) and in a time where there is growing concern over the worlds environment. With this in mind the study of Geography we feel can make a vital contribution in developing students’ social conscience as well as empowering them to become more effective members of society and bring about change in the world.


What is it like for a student to study Geography at Junior Cycle  :

At Junior Certificate level the syllabus is divided into three key areas: The Human Habitat, Population and Economic activity. Students are always encouraged to use their local environment as an example to enrich the learning experience and put their skills into practice. From giving oral presentations in First Year, to conducting research of a local environment in Second Year, to visiting unique geographical landscapes, we provide our students with a diverse range of learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. In First Year there is a classroom based assessment where students produce a poster on a geographical theme of their choice. This is worth 10% of their Christmas exam. Also in First Year students go and visit the Marble Arch Caves in Co. Fermanagh. In Second Year a local field study at Lough Muckno is undertaken which is worth 10% of their summer exam.

2nd Year Geography Field Study
2nd Year Geography Field Study

The Geography Department at Our Lady’s also run a very successful Eco Club. This is a club that is open to all year groups which promotes a global awareness of our environment. The club meet once a month and this year’s theme is of “Global Awareness of Energy”. Also included as part of the clubs activities are the schools Green Flag. Peer education visiting other classes.

The current 1st Year students (2017) will be the last student cohort to sit the terminal Junior Cert exam in 2020. The new Junior Cycle Geography specification will be available from Autumn 2017, due to be introduced to schools in September 2018 with first year students. This will bring about an exciting change to the students learning experience.

There are a number of initiatives that are run by the Geography department to enhance the learning experience of the students. 

1st Year Trip to Marble Arch Caves
1st Year Trip to Marble Arch Caves









What is it like for a student to study Geography at Senior Cycle :

Leaving Cert Students on a Field Trip

Senior Cycle Geography is concerned with the study of people and their environment. A study of geography will help students develop an understanding of their physical and human surroundings. It examines the changing interrelationships between the physical and human worlds. Through their study of geography, students will develop geographical skills that will help them make informed judgements about issues at local, national, and international levels. At Our Lady’s students will gain an understanding between the physical and human world and the changing relationship between the two. We aim to provide our students with the geographical skills to help them make informed decisions of issues at local, national and international level and to develop a personal responsibility for the various aspects of our environment.

Leaving Cert Students on a Field Trip

In Our Lady’s Students are encouraged to sit Higher Level papers as seen in our students recording above the national average consistently in the past number of years. The syllabus for Ordinary level is presented in the form of core and elective units. For Higher level it is presented in the form of core, elective and optional units. The geographical investigation is a core area of study and as such is compulsory for all students. Field studies and investigations using primary and secondary sources are central to the

Leaving Cert Students on a Field Trip

geographical education and experience of all students. The investigation will allow the student to experience the practical application of the core geographical skills that are central to all units of the syllabus. The geographical investigation will allow the student to experience the key aims of the syllabus in the context of their own environment. This is done by our students at the end of Fifth Year and is worth 20% of their Leaving Cert exam. This is done in the local environment and works on both Practical skills as well as social skills such as team building.

There is also an award called the Sr. Margaret Lyons Perpetual Cup for Senior Geography. This award is given to students who show a genuine interest in geographical matters and those who show a flair and ability for the subject.


Facilitating Special Education Needs :

At Our Lady’s we offer Enivronment as a subject in 1L and 2L as part of the JCSP programme. In 3L students study Geography in preparation to sit Ordinary level Geography at Junior Cert level. Teachers of students with special educational needs are provided with Individual Education Plan (IEP) for each student. Those students with special educational needs

  • E.Ps, highlighted on the register. Forms of differentiation. Moved into mainstream classes as a result of Junior Cert Results.

Geography Tours and Events :

Our Lady’s start the New Year with a sustainable energy initiative