Prefects & Principal & VP 2.Pictured with Principal, Mr Eddie Kelly & Deputy Principal, Mr Finbarr Brohan are 5th Year students who have been selected as Prefects in Our Lady’s for 2016/2017.

This group of 5th Year students who have been selected for the very important role of prefect in the school. Prefects play a central role in the life of the school, representing the student body on occasions, acting as role models for the younger students and generally undertaking a leadership role in the school.

Head Boy and Head Girl for the coming year will be Frank Connolly & Aoife Anderson both of whom will carry additional duties.   Specific roles have also been given to some prefects in the areas of Sport and Arts & Culture.  Aaron Courtney, Daragh Drury, Emma Kerr & Eileen Cullen will be involved in the Sport area while Sinead Courtney, Tate Donnelly,  Deslit George & Alannah Mc Corry will be active in the Arts & Cultural area.

Head Boy & Girl 2

Pictured here are Frank Connolly & Aoife Anderson, Head Boy and Head Girl in Our Lady’s for 2016/2017.


Those chosen have demonstrated their leadership within the student body and have the qualities deemed necessary to undertake a leadership role within the school. Prefects carry out a number of important tasks within the school:

  • Act as role models for younger students
  • Represent the student body
  • Represent the school externally
  • Assist in the maintenance of discipline within the school
  • Support and help staff
  • Carry out other important functions in the school when requested.
  • Represent the school at school related events.

Selection of Prefects

  • Each teacher is asked to nominate 5 students that feel have the necessary qualities & skills to be a Prefect.
  • Each student in Fifth Year is asked to vote for 5 students based on the all the student names nominated by staff.
  • In each year the number of Prefects chosen will be decided by the Principal depending on the size of the year group.
  • After the votes are counted by the Principal a panel of staff consisting of the Principal, Deputy Principal & Year Head will then select the students deemed most suitable for the position.
  • The names will be then be announced to the staff and students.
  • The Principal reserves the right to appoint any student to the role of Prefect at any stage in 5th & 6th Year.
  • As well as having the necessary qualities to fulfil the duties outlined below criteria for selection may also include attendance, punctuality, behaviour record, and previous involvement in school activities. Any student who during the course of their term as Prefect who is involved in any serious issue of misbehavior inside or outside of school may be removed from the position of Prefect by the Principal. This will be done after consultation between the student, their parent / guardian and the Principal, Deputy Principal and the relevant Year Head.

Prefect Duties

  • To represent all students in the school.
  • To be available to attend meetings and carry out duties during the lunch break.
  • To take part in a rota of Senior Prefects to patrol the grounds/school at lunchtime.
  • To take part in a rota to keep good order and discipline in the queue for lunches.
  • To report important issues to the Year Head.
  • To communicate on a regular basis with the Principal and Deputy Principal.
  • To represent the school & provide assistance at school functions e.g. Parent/Teacher Meetings, Open Nights, 6th Year Mass etc
  • To promote good behaviour and a happy, positive atmosphere in the school.
  • To promote leadership & to represent the school on important occasions e.g. school functions, funerals etc.

Prefects are expected to be vigilant at all times. It is the responsibility of all prefects, whether on duty or not, to assist with maintaining good order and good standards of behaviour in the school and its environs.

Role of Head Boy & Head Girl

  • To act as a role model for students & to promote the ethos of the school
  • To be an approachable member of 5th / 6th Year to whom students can come to for assistance & support
  • To represent the school & provide assistance at school functions e.g. Parent/Teacher Meetings, Open Nights, 6th Year Mass etc
    • To lead the team of prefects & organise monthly meetings.
    • To facilitate & organise with the Prefects an annual fundraising event
    • To bring any matters of student concern to the attention of the Principal or any other member of staff
    • To act in a manner befitting the school’s tradition & good name
    • To attend regular meetings with the Principal
    • To liaise with the Principal in preparing articles, photographs etc for the Prefects page on the school website
    • The Head Boy & Head Girl will be a sixth year student and their term will run from September to May each year even though the duties of Prefect will run from January to December.
    • The Head Boy and Head Girl for 2015 / 2016 are Eoin Mc Kearney and Machailla Mc Cabe.

Sports Prefects

  • To assist with the lunchtime leagues for 1st & 2nd Year students
  • To assist with the supervision of students on the astro turf at lunchtime
  • To liaise with Sports teachers in updating the Sports Notice Board
  • To liaise with the Sports teachers in preparing articles for the website, school magazine etc
  • The Sports Prefects for 2015 / 2016 are Michael Bannigan, Dillon Duffy, Eimear Finnegan and Orlaith Maguire.

Arts & Culture Prefect

    • To assist the drama & music teacher with lunchtime & extracurricular activities
    • To liaise with the drama & music teachers in updating the relevant school Notice Boards.
    • To liaise with the drama & music teachers in preparing articles for the website, school magazine etc
    • The Arts & Culture Prefects for 2015 / 2016 are Sorcha Harrigan, Ronan Merrick, Tomasina Mc Ginnity and Yasmin Hughes.