5th/ 6th Year Prefects 2018

Prefects 2018-19

Those chosen have demonstrated their leadership within the student body and have the qualities deemed necessary to undertake a leadership role within the school. Prefects carry out a number of important tasks within the school:

  • Act as role models for younger students
  • Represent the student body
  • Represent the school externally
  • Assist in the maintenance of discipline within the school
  • Support and help staff
  • Carry out other important functions in the school when requested.
  • Represent the school at school related events.

Prefect Duties

  • To represent all students in the school.
  • To be available to attend meetings.
  • To assist with general supervision before school, at break time / lunch time and after school.
  • To report important issues to the Year Head / Deputy Principal and Principal.
  • To communicate on a regular basis with the Principal and Deputy Principal.
  • To represent the school & provide assistance at school functions e.g. Parent/Teacher Meetings, Open Nights, 6thYear Mass etc
  • To promote good behaviour and a happy, positive atmosphere in the school.
  • To promote leadership & to represent the school on important occasions e.g. school functions, funerals etc.


Prefects are expected to be vigilant at all times. It is the responsibility of all prefects, whether on duty or not, to assist with maintaining good order and good standards of behaviour in the school and its environs.

  • As well as having the necessary qualities to fulfil the duties outlined abovecriteria for selection may also include attendance, punctuality, behaviour record, and previous involvement in school activities. Any student who during the course of their term as Prefect who is involved in any serious issue of misbehavior inside or outside of school may be removed from the position of Prefect by the Principal. This will be done after consultation between the student, their parent / guardian and the Principal, Deputy Principal and the relevant Year Head.