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Leaving Certificate Chemistry aims to provide a relevant course for students who will complete their study of chemistry at this level while, at the same time, providing a foundation course for those who will continue to study chemistry or a related subject following completion of their Leaving Certificate. 


The aims of the syllabus are:

  • To stimulate and sustain students’ interest in, and enjoyment of, chemistry
  • To provide a relevant course for those students who will complete their study of chemistry at this level
  • To provide a foundation course in chemistry for those students who will continue their studies in chemistry or in related subjects
  • To encourage an appreciation of the scientific, social, economic, environmental and technological aspects of chemistry and an understanding of the historical development of chemistry
  • To illustrate generally how humanity has benefited from the study and practice of chemistry
  • To develop an appreciation of scientific method and rational thought
  • To develop skills in laboratory procedures and techniques, carried out with due regard for safety, together with the ability to assess the uses and limitations of these procedures
  • To develop skills of observation, analysis, evaluation, communication and problem solving.

Topics covered:

  • periodic table and atomic structure
  • chemical bonding
  • stoichiometry and formulas and equations
  • acids and bases
  • volumetric analysis
  • thermochemistry
  • organic chemistry
  • rates of reaction
  • chemical equilibrium
  • Water chemistry.
  • industrial chemistry
  • atmospheric chemistry

Transition Year

Transition Year chemistry is activity based. Pupils complete practical and research modules of their choice. These include forensics, special effects, making bath bombs, demonstrations to junior cycle students, careers project, poster on chemical of choice hydrogen rocket etc. Students are encouraged to enter various science competitions during Transition Year







Science Competitions at Our Lady’s

Enteries include:

DCU Crystal Growing Competition

BT Young Scientist

ISEF Pittsburg

Diabetes Project entered in the BT Young Scientist Competition
Chemistry Project on Quantification of Saliva in Water Bottles which won the Best Communicators at Letterkenny SciFest and Highly Commended at BT Young Scientist














Memory Buddy Project : All Ireland Winner of SciFest, category winner in the Bt Young Scientist and 2nd Place Category Winner at ISEF Pittsburg


Leaving Cert Chemistry

In general all students follow the higher level syllabus in fifth year. In sixth year a small number of students may wish to take ordinary level (usually one or two students). Homework and tests are differentiated to facilitate these students.

Varied teaching methodologies are used to cater for the different learning styles of the students e.g. use of colour and interactive exercises on the interactive whiteboard are used to appeal to the visual learner. Practical demonstrations are carried out on a regular basis and models of atoms etc. are used to cater for kinaesthetic learners. Students also carry out practicalactivities every week Auditory learners are encouraged to record themselves reading definitions and use mnemonics to aid memorisation.




Past Pupils

Past Pupils Ryan Graig and Pauric Bannigan both completed PHD’s in Medicinal Che,mistry . They recently visited the school to share their knowledge and experience of 3rd Level.







5th Year Chemistry Students set to represent Ireland in the Schools’ Analyst Competition

Chemistry talk for Senior Chemistry Students