Promoting positive mental health in Our Lady’s

Amber flag (2)

Pictured at the 5Km run in the Phoenix Park to launch the ‘Cycle against Suicide’ 2015 are 47 students from Our Lady’s Secondary School, who together with 5 of their teachers travelled to Dublin on Monday 30th March to participate in the run.

Well done to 47 students from Our Lady’s Secondary School who together with 5 of their teachers got the Easter holidays off to a very positive start when they travelled to the Phoenix Park in Dublin to participate in a 5K run organised as part of the launch of the ‘Cycle against Suicide’ 2015. The students joined students from all over Ireland to support Jim Breen on the first 5K of his mammoth 1400Km run over 28 days, whose main message is ‘It’s ok not to feel ok; and its absolutely ok to ask for help’.

This run for Our Lady’s students was an initiative organised by the Amber Flag committee in the school. This committee promotes mental health and wellbeing in the school community and are at present putting together mental health guidelines for students


Their next event was the Darkness to Light’ night run in Monaghan town starting at 4.15am on May 9th.  You can find us on twitter @OlssAmber.



Amber Flag Presentation

The Amber flag committee were presented with their flag by Alan Quinlan on May 5th.


The Amber Flag committee organised a very successful  active schools’s week, with many activities organised to get the school body active.CEPrEU3W0AILXWg[1]


Kick Fada and basketball knockout competition during active school’s week


Smoothies on sale at break time for active school’s week


 Past pupil Jason Hughes gave a very inspiring talk to 4th and 5th year students in Iontas  on health and well-being.



The pastoral care system in Our lady’s is a reflection of the school’s ethos, whereby the school seeks to value and develop the young person at every level personal, social, academic, moral, emotional and vocational. Our lady’s has therefore developed a structured system with various staff members playing key roles in this system. One of the most important roles in this system in that of class tutor.


The Class tutor is a teacherwho undertakes the role of caring for a class group in order to promote learning at every level. He/she is an important contact for parents/ guardians.


While the pastoral care system permeates the whole life of the school, there is also in place a pastoral care team who have a special responsibility for and a special role in the operation of the pastoral care system within Our Lady’s.


It makes a positive contribution to the pupil’s personal and social development
Through various programmes such as the social, personal and health Education programme, the relationship and sexuality programmes and others, the pupils can get an opportunity to learn a range of skills and reflect on ways to handle important situations in life.
it makes a contribution to their achievement
Enhances home-school relations
Provides a range of support services for our students


To break the school down into smaller units so as each pupil can be known in the school, especially to his/her class tutor
To provide a link between each individual student and the staff
To provide a link for parents through the class tutor whom they know to have a special to enrich his/her personal life
To support the subject teacher
To act an early warning


“It doesn’t need to hurt forever…”

Rainbows is a programme to help students and young people aged 12 – 20 deal with the loss of a parent arising from death or separation.

The Rainbows programme is currently available in our school.This is a group of six students who meet once a week for 6-12 weeks. We generally separate Junior and Senior students into different groups. The students who have taken part in Rainbows has found that it has helped them through this difficult time Don’t be afraid to speak out! The teachers will be able to help you any way they can…If you think you would like to take part in the programme, or just to get to know more about it, contact any of the following teachers: