You have the right to be happy in school and to be able to work and learn in an atmosphere that is free from fear and intimidation- i.e. an atmosphere that is free from bullying. No student has the right to make another students school life unhappy.

In order to stop bullying the student must be willing to tell someone. The only way a bully can continue bullying is if the victims and witnesses  let them get away with it. You have a responsibility for the safety of your fellow students so if you witness an act of bullying, however large or small, you must speak up.


If you are being bullied don’t keep it to yourself, it wont go away. If you don’t tell you are protecting the bully by your silence and the bully will make your life worse. Here at Our Lady’s we take the matter of bullying very seriously. There is no school that is totally free of bullying because bullying exists everywhere in the world, whether it is in relation to war, or simply ignoring someone.

Everyone cares about the subject of bullying and here is a list of the people you can tell..

  • Class Tutor
  • Year Head
  • Peer Support Students (lunch time in room 19)
  • Principal
  • Deputy Principal
  • member of staff that you feel comfortable talking to

Here is a list of things not to do!

  • Don’t hit the bully!- You will only get into trouble
  • Always tell the truth about what has happened, not a biased account, don’t exaggerate.
  • Don’t try to deal with the problem on your own
  • Don’t hide what is happening from adults you can trust.