Leaving cert is an exam taken by sixth year students at the end of the school year. The Leaving Certificate Examination (commonly referred to as the Leaving Cert) is the final examination in the Irish secondary school system. Two years’ study is required, and it is usually taken 3 years after the Junior Certificate Examination. Most students taking the examination are aged 17-19 years old. The Examination is overseen by the State Examinations Commission.

The examinations run for up to two weeks and begin at the start of June. The State Examinations Commission is responsible for the development, assessment, accreditation and certification of the second-level examinations of the Irish state: the Junior Certificate and the Leaving Certificate. The State Examinations Commission is a non-departmental public body under the aegis of the Department of Education and Science.

The Leaving Certificate subjects are:

Irish, English, Maths, Religion, Physical Education, Career Guidance, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Technical Drawing, Construction Studies, Home Economics (S/S), Computer Studies, Accounting, Art, Economics, German, French, History, Geography, Business

Details of the Junior Certificate Schools Programme, the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme and the Leaving Certificate Applied are available in the school brochure.

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