Congratulations to three Transition Year students from Our Lady’s Secondary School Castleblayney, Kaitlin Brereton, Emma Bannigan & Ryan George who achieved first place in the Chemical, Physical & Mathematical intermediate section at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition with their project entitled ‘Icy Hot: An Investigation to Prove the Existence of the Mpemba Effect and Examine Under Which Physical Circumstances it Can Occur’.

The aim of the project was to investigate the ‘Mpemba Effect’. While making ice-cream discoverer Erasto Bartholomew Mpemba noticed that the hot mixture froze faster than the cold mixture. This prompted an investigation which led him to conclude that ‘hot water freezes faster than cold water’. The students’ project consisted of six different experiments relating to this area and a detailed analysis of the findings from these experiments that were analysed and presented in comparison with the ‘Mpemba Effect’.  

The students and theirYoung Scientist Transition Year module teacher Mr. Kevin Nolan have spent evenings after school, weekends and even part of their Christmas holidays analysing, charting and compiling data for the project. At the BT Young Scientist exhibition, the project generated a lot of interest as the judges and many of the attendees were extremely impressed by their comprehensive research and findings on a very interesting topic. The students engaged with thousands of people and were very grateful for the many people who visited their stand including many local representatives from Cavan Monaghan.

Speaking at the school during the week the school Principal Mr. Eddie Kelly congratulated the students and their teacher Mr. Nolan on their outstanding success at the BT Young Scientist competition, ‘I’m absolutely delighted for Emma, Ryan and Kaitlin and on behalf of all members of our school community I congratulate them wholeheartedly on this fantastic achievement. The students have put an incredible amount of work into this project and their success here at the BT Young Scientist competition is well & truly deserved. The students have shown how an idea can be developed and how you can reap the benefits of preparation, perseverance, hard work and commitment.Emma, Ryan and Kaitlin have a huge interest in the STEM subjects and we are delighted to facilitate and develop this interest with the Young Scientist module that was introduced in Transition Year this year.I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all the science teachers in our school for the work they do in promoting science and technology and for developing such an interest and passion in this area among our students. I would in particular like to thank Mr. Nolan who gave so generously of his time and expertise and worked very closely with the students and who was a great source of guidance and support to them throughout this incredible journey.’

Kaitlin Brereton, Emma Bannigan & Ryan George who achieved first place in the Chemical, Physical & Mathematical intermediate section at the BT Young Scientist. They are pictured with school Principal Mr. Eddie Kelly and their Young Scientist module teacher Mr. Kevin Nolan