Our Lady’s choir travelled to Dublin on Sat 2nd of November to the Show Choir Ireland 2019 Competition looking to win the prestigious title for a third year in a row. Their bid for a historic three in a row however fell agonisingly close as the group finished in an excellent second place overall.

The National Show Choir Competitions are held each year for performing groups who usually sing and dance, combining fun, excitement, passion and friendship in a performance that will inspire the audience and impress the four judges present. 

This year there were seven groups who qualified to take part in the final and it is interesting to note that Our Lady’s was the only secondary school who qualified with all the other competitors coming from stage schools and performing arts academies, and some being 3rd level institutions. Our Lady’s talented choir with a range of students from First to Sixth Year, a 75 strong group, put on a superb performance that captivated the audience and judges alike raising awareness about the epidemic of homelessness. The theme of the performance really struck a chord with the judges who stated, “such a powerful message told wonderfully”. The group took home a special award for their choreography which really impressed the judges. Some of the judges comments included, “A show Choir who can do it all”, “Visually a threat”, “Passion and Power in abundance” and “Always bring something new and relevant which is a joy to see”.

Speaking to the Principal of Our Lady’s, Mr Kelly in the wake of the success, he acknowledged the outstanding commitment and dedication made by the Music teacher Ms Murray in preparing the students to such a high standard. “Their performance in the ShowChoir Ireland completion was one characterised by passion, energy and enthusiasm and it was clear to see how much the students were enjoying themselves. Their success is a just reward for all their hard work and efforts and we as a school are incredibly proud of their achievements. They are a very important part of our school community and make a very special and inspirational contribution to liturgies and most events in Our Lady’s. The students in the choir are excellent role models for our school community and we could all learn lessons from their generosity of spirit, honesty of effort and humility. We are blessed as a school community to have someone like Ms. Murray to lead and guide our students, her generosity of time and spirit, her commitment and dedication to the students and our school is second to none.”