Huge congratulations to TY student in Our Lady’s, Nathaniel McEntee who was a winner in the Maths Eyes competition, a national competition which aims to raise the profile of Mathematics and engage students in a fun way. Maths Eyes competition allows students, parents and the community to interact and provides a platform for them to share their maths eyes in their everyday life whether they are shopping, walking, driving, at sports events – everywhere. It helps us to see that Maths is all around us and can be great fun.

Nathaniel, son of Rosanna & Daniel McEntee, Gate Lodge, Aghadreenan, Broomfield, recognised the Mathematics concept of Tessellation one day while visiting a local restaurant. Tessellation is an arrangement of shapes closely fitted together, especially of polygons in a repeated pattern without gaps or overlapping. Nathaniel submitted his photograph and was declared a winner. The awards ceremony took place in the Dept of Education Clock Tower Dublin last Thursday 23rd May. Nathaniel, accompanied by his Maths teacher, Ms Eithne O’Hanrahan and TY students, Amy Cadden & Taryn Clarke had an early start on the 7am train from Dundalk in order to be at the ceremony for 8.30am. A great day was had by all!!