The TY Physics class in Our Lady’s are to be congratulated on winning the Vex Robotics Competition hosted by Dundalk Institute of Technology and emerged as tournament winners, having been paired with the Marist Dundalk in the Finals. The students, under the guidance of their Physics teacher, Ms Laura McQuillan, have spent the last number of months building a robot. Having received the Vex kit and tools in January the students quickly turned focus to this year’s challenge ‘the turning point competition’. The class were divided into 3 groups; the coding team, the journalling team and the design team.

The coding team had to figure out how to make the robot score as many points as possible in 15 seconds without use of the controller. The journal team kept a record of what was completed each day and any problems which occurred. The design team built the robot, following the instructions given and then made modifications to try and give the team the best chance of winning.

On the 2nd May the students travelled to DKIT where they competed in the turning point competition. In the qualification round Our Lady’s were paired up with different schools to compete against two other schools. This meant that some changes had to be made to the coding and a new game plan had to be devised for each match. At the end of the qualification round Our Lady’s were ranked in 3rd position, giving them a bye into the semi finals where they were paired with 4th place, the Marist from Dundalk. Here both teams quickly formulated a plan to work together to advance to the finals and came out as tournament winners on the day.  All in all a wonderful experience for the students!