Our Lady’s Secondary School, Castleblayney were delighted to participate in Cycle Against Suicide’s #SchoolsGoOrange to support positive mental health. On Friday 15th Feb, with many teachers sporting the signature orange colour and with the school bedecked in bunting, the focus for the day was on 1st Years. Transition year students in Our Lady’s choreographed a dance for first years which they then taught to the year group.  The first years enjoyed the break from classes, had some fun, a little exercise and all in the name of spreading awareness about positive mental health. Remember “it’s ok not to feel ok and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help”

For the majority of adults living with mental health problems or mental illness, the first onset of their symptoms began when they were teenagers, and evidence shows that early intervention is critical if treatment is to have the most positive outcomes for the future life chances of those affected. 

According to Grace Duffy, Our Lady’s is delighted to support #SchoolGoOrange and Cycle Against Suicide school programme, as it creates a caring, respectful and safe learning environment that supports mental health in schools, building hope and resilience and fostering a sense of belonging amongst the young people in our school. It is so important for all schools to take a proactive approach in this area as research highlights that one in three young people in Ireland will experience some form of mental health issue in any given year.’

Cycle Against Suicide’s main awareness campaign takes place from April 27th to May 6th Details are available at: http://www.cycleagainstsuicide.com/get-involved/2019-cycle/

To find information about where you can get help for mental health issues, visit www.cycleagainstsuicide.com/ask-for-help-2/.